Adam is a Wiradjuri man currently living in Ulladulla NSW.
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Adam Gowen

Adam Gowen is a Wiradjuri man currently living in Ulladulla NSW.  With his wife Lisa, and his three young children, Adam attends Highway Christian Church.  Adam began his ministry at 12 years of age where he took part in his church’s worship team something he continues to do today. This activity progressed to his involvement in leading teams of creative people and other church and interchurch ministries. After finishing school, Adam worked in a small retail business for a number of years, and he enjoyed this work. Yet Adam felt that God was calling him to study at University.  While the thought of university study seemed overwhelming, Adam soon learned that he excelled in this work and graduated from a  Bachelor of Arts with distinction in 2016 Majoring in Indigenous Studies, and Community, Culture and Environment from the University of Wollongong. He is currently undertaking an honours course of study where His focus here is understanding Indigenous identity, Sovereignty, and Treaty. He is also earning a Grad Cert in Theology through North American Indigenous Institute of Theology (NAITTS) Australia & New Zealand.

Adam’s passion in ministry revolves around building “Kingdom Culture”, which is a concept that applies the value of unity in diversity to church life and action. According to Adam, Kingdom Culture allows Christian communities to develop an “interweaving of strengths that different cultures have to draw us closer to the community Jesus desires us to enter into.” Adam envisions a future where Christians can appreciate differences within and across Church community life. Adam believes that working interculturally, we can allow God to shape and guide us into the person He wants us to become.

Adam is excited to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christians come together to give expression to our faith in fellowship and the creation (and building) of relationships that will be significant into the future. Additionally, he looking forward to being inspired for a future where our cultures and perspectives provide significant wisdom for the Church locally and globally.