Nicole is a Wiradjuri woman living in Perth.
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Nicole Velkoski

Nicole is a Wiradjuri woman currently living in Perth, WA. She attends Cornerstone Church. Nicole is passionate about being Aboriginal in a non-Indigenous world.

Over the past 3-4 years, Nicole’s ministry has been taking part in the Spirit’s work to decolonise Christianity. This work involves asking the question, what does Indigenous Christianity look like? In giving voice to Indigenous Christian experiences and knowledges, Nicole envisions a future where Indigenous Christianity can be included in church life, sermons and in interpreting the Word.

In order to achieve this, Nicole is active in creating conversations and connecting with non-Indigenous Christians. In her ministry, Nicole recognises that Indigenous communities often model authenticity in relationship and action. This authenticity is one that non-Indigenous communities can look to and learn from.

Nicole’s ministry is shaped by her own personal experiences of racism and marginalisation. Nicole states that in ‘coming to terms with her Indigenous identity’, she was able to ‘understand that God has faith in me, so that I can believe in myself’. Her hope for her ministry is to create pathways of hope and encouragement for others to follow.

When asked about why she is excited to attend Grasstree, Nicole answered,

“I am excited about Grasstree because who wouldn't be? A chance to gather with Indigenous Christian leaders from across Australia to share my experiences and hear from others about their journeys, inspirations and where they are headed. Grasstree is a chance for me to gain an insight into what is important to other communities, what conversations have been valuable and how each person experiences God's grace.”