We sense this is a very pivotal and vital time, not only for each of our established and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders individually and collectively, but for the Australian Christian church and our entire nation. We are seeing and experiencing how God is raising up the voice of His First Nations peoples to speak His truth and build his kingdom. He is equipping and raising up a magnificent community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders.

We are looking for people who will commit to praying for, and over, our Grasstree Gathering. In this email we've outlined some things we're particularly asking you to pray for:

  • We will have over 80 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders and Community Members attending Grasstree this year. What an amazing turn out. We need prayer for every one of these incredible people.

  • Travel. Getting all the participants there is a huge undertaking. Please cover all our travel in prayer. That nothing would stand in the way of people coming or returning home safely. For enjoyable and safe travel.

  • Blessings, wisdom, strength for all the Speakers, Elders and Leaders. Special prayers for our vision leader Aunty Jean Phillips and our Coordinator Brooke Prentis.

  • Protection, guarding and health for everyone there. Praise God for the health professionals who are coming to support and care for anyone with health needs.

  • Protection of minds and hearts

  • Protection agains hurdles

  • Prayer for joy, strength, pure worship and heartfelt connection

  • For God's Spirit to fill, enliven, and empower

  • That angels would be at every boundary of the property at Peter Canisius House (where the event is held)

  • Friday's symposium. For all the presenters as they prepare and deliver papers about what Dreaming and Spirituality means to them as First Nations Christians

  • Monday Nights Celebration night at the Knox Cultural Centre, Knox Grammar School in Wahroonga. For an awesome turn out and building of strong relationships. This is open to the public so please come along and bring a friend 

  • The families and communities that participants will be away from while attending Grasstree.

  • For a deep unity and strengthening of the Grasstree community and network

  • Blessings for our hosts at Peter Canisius House, Knox Grammar and the churches hosting us on Sunday 18 March

  • Blessings over all the sponsors who have given generously to financially support Grasstree. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.